MAY: Catch Sue Woolfe at the Sydney Writers’ Festival – on Thursday May 23 at 4pm, and  Saturday May 25 at 11.30am.

Thursday 23 - Sue is on a panel with Melissa Lucashenko discussing the power and influence of the Australian landscape on their writing with Walter Mason.

Saturday 25 -  Sue takes part in a discussion of language and its place in human identity, with Diego Marani, Martin Harrison and Karl Ove Knausgaard.

JUNE: The launch  of Wuthering Ink, the first author run epublishing site for established authors and readers. For details see here.

JULY: Learn to think more creatively with Sue Woolfe: join her Creativity Workshop on Saturday, July 20. For details see here.

Sue Woolfe now teaches a unique method of creating stories,  combining a novelist’s practical know-how with what cognitive science reveals about creative thinking. More information here.

For her workshops Sue uses her research into creativity and neuroscience, as well as her practical experience as a novelist and short story writer. A number of her students have been published, or will be published shortly.

“I teach students not only writerly skills, which are not just the practising of those old chestnuts such as character development, but also the basic skills of creative thinking, such as learning to trust and follow one’s own intuitions, learning to seek and tolerate ambiguity, learning to be provisional, playful and experimental, and losing self-consciousness.”

AUGUST: Talk at National Library, Canberra, on writing about country, Saturday August 3, 3.30-4.30pm.

Below: an extract from Brainwaves, an episode of BBC Radio Four’s Between the Ears, from February 2004