Inching towards almost

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So many details. Who’d have thought there was so much thinking put into those online forms we all fill in every day without ever singing one hymn to their creators? Getting a form right that our authors will fill in with not a thought about the hard-thinking logic behind it- unless it doesn’t work! - has taken many dinners , several long email [...]

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A family of authors

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MAY 2013…Catch up

We’ve only just began to talk to other authors

Thomas Keneally said it was a “grand concept’….”a splendid idea”.

James Bradley, who I’d written to in hope and desperation when my daughter was sick in Athens – her need for me somehow motivated me to  at last take action about the paltry [...]

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April 2013… catch-up

A lot has happened since I last wrote…Libby realized she has too many commitments, and she’s left us.

We buckled under this blow. But still, there were 3 of us, sharing the work.

Then, two months ago, Louise told  us she needed to talk.  We sat glumly in a Darlinghurst café, Louise, Bem [...]

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Who are we?

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March 2013

We were around one of those big shiny board room tables, talking to the ASA about our hopes of working with them.

“What are you doing about the royalties?” someone asked.

We Royals jumped. We are The Royalties. But what was meant was authors’ earnings.

“You’ll have to change your name”.

We all nodded, [...]

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Arrived but not alive

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The new portal’s actually on my computer though not yet live, and I’m astounded at how work-personlike and authoritative it is,   this dream that’s coming true – it’s not touched by all our uncertainties and doubts, rather in the way that one of my newly published novels has always astonished me, where a messy [...]

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Almost there

On June 25, 2012 By

I’m back in Australia, with my new novel, “The Oldest Song in the World”, about to come out both in print and e in Australia and New Zealand with Harper Collins, who continue to be generous and patient with me, although I fear I’ve tested them at least once, getting muddled about dates of [...]

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When our portal designers signal that they need to meet us to talk further, Libby is launching her new book, “A Boy Like Me” and Louise is lecturing full time. Our portal builders want to schedule a meeting in nine day’s time. Only Bem and I are free to fly to India. Bem is in [...]

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The portal builders

On March 25, 2012 By

Many authors replied! -some offering to help us because they can see that this is a worthy thing to do for Australian literature, its authors and its readers.

And- now I can tell all- a huge e publishing group in India is offering to our rescue, to build our portal, at no cost to us, [...]

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