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Through Gritted Teeth

Is anyone out there still reading this never-ending story?- perhaps only those trying like us to set up a very interactive website with emails and skype session between two countries. Be warned.

It all started innocently with book subject categories being generated by Thorpe Bowker and put in both the authorform and […]

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Coming to a crunch

On June 18, 2015 By

Do all new, excited enterprises face this? First, there’s no one else who would rather die than not do this, but you. So you get down and do it, hoping family and friends won’t notice you’re missing. Some time later, some long time later, you say, well, it’ll manage by itself if I go away […]

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When looks matter

On March 11, 2015 By

Many authors had criticised the lack-lustre “look” of our public site. The site and its looks had been “given” to us. We accepted such an amazing gift with utter gratitude  –  how else were we to obtain a website but by an extremely generous gift? We’re authors, and financilaly we live as authors. Ahead was […]

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Before I set out on this epublishing  journey, and one of the biggest reasons I did, has been my ignorance and bewilderment – what is epublishing? Ok, you put in a book or a document, and you get out an ebook, but how? You’d hope that authors don’t need to know…


I have to […]

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Asking the family for help

On August 20, 2014 By


Sometimes help comes out of the blue. The digitizers had asked us to test the authorform and the new Help page one last time. Since Kitty and I had re-written the automated Authorform several times, and the Help page once, I knew we’d lost objectivity. I didn’t like to ask author colleagues, in case […]

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A Festival of Ideas

On July 29, 2014 By


We’re counting down the days now.

Rosemary Sorensen, who’s organizing the 2014 Bendigo Writers’ Festival, says that Wuthering Ink will be like a Festival of Ideas. The Wuthering Ink Festival has been a long time coming, for a long journey ago  it was just a pale hope in a white hotel room turned sick […]

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Really, truly almost

On June 27, 2014 By

So…many months later… we’re live, but not perfect. Well, who is? But we’ve begun in a tiny way with a  little family of very patient, well-known authors- and who learns patience with publishing better than authors! – their books have pretty covers – some generic covers, designed by Jan in reference to the original, very […]

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Inching towards almost

On July 24, 2013 By

So many details. Who’d have thought there was so much thinking put into those online forms we all fill in every day without ever singing one hymn to their creators? Getting a form right that our authors will fill in with not a thought about the hard-thinking logic behind it- unless it doesn’t work! – has taken many dinners , several long email […]

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