Sue Woolfe now teaches a unique method of creating stories,  combining a novelist’s practical know-how with what fifty years of cognitive science research reveals about creative thinking. She argues that creativity is a different, though not rare, brain activity- in fact, one we use often, while scarcely noticing it. Only artists, writers, composers and people whose daily work is creating, know to treasure this brain activity.  More information here. For her workshops Sue uses her research into creativity and neuroscience, as well as her practical experience as a novelist and short story writer. Many of her students have been published, or will be published shortly.

“Of course I teach students writerly skills – not just the practising of those old chestnuts such as character development – but also the basic skills of creative thinking, such as learning to trust and follow one’s own intuitions, learning to seek and tolerate ambiguity, learning to be provisional, playful and experimental, learning to resist closure, and losing their self-consciousness.”

Below: an extract from Brainwaves, an episode of BBC Radio Four’s Between the Ears, from February 2004