Day 239

Written 20 November, 2020.



A day of excessive heat- 36 degrees in Spring- followed by a wild, lighting and thunder storm at dusk.

But while the heat raged, so hot that my newly washed jeans dried in one hour!

Another hotel quarantine debacle:  Three days into the six day lockdown in South Australia, with threats of longer, they’ve found that the patient on which the lockdown was based  on a lie told to the contact tracers. A guard at a quarantine hotel, he said he had pizza delivered from the pizza shop where an infected guard worked – and that’s how he picked up the virus. The authorities were alarmed, to get infected by a pizza delivery- deadly virus must’ve been on the box, they speculated with horror. There were theories of a more deadly strain, brought in by an infected returning person who’d been living in England. This was truly dangerous. It must, they thought, be a super fast developing virus. Now it turns out he was actually working at the parlour along with the other infected guard, so it’s likely he got infected in the normal way, The alarm is mitigated, and the lockdown will end in three days. There are arguments over how he should be punished, and counter arguments that people need to come forward for testing, and punishment would be counter-rpodcutive.


Compare this concern by pubic authorities to  the co-vid death toll for the US, now more than a quarter of a million, with more than 150,000 new cases every day. I wept as i heard that, still weep as I write it.  But as if that isn’t happening to ordinary families,  the results of the US election, to us over here, a Co-vid election, rages on. Trump intent on his claim that the election was stolen, hardly notices co-vid. Someone has noted that  Democrat  voters posted in their ballots because they’re afraid of co-vid, whereas Trump votes turned up to vote, because they aren’t.

Trump’s lawyers seem silly to us at this distance, though I’m sure not so to his true believers. Today my horror was  to hear  that  American democracy died – the notion that America was the world’s greatest democracy and that was behind all its international domination – as the main Trump lawyer of the 250 strong posse of lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, claimed Trump the election winner, though Biden has won both the popular vote as well as the electoral colleges. Meanwhile, he became a laughing stock because he had black hair dye running down his face as he fulminated.


In Victoria, it’s the 20th day of double donut cases. In NSW, it seems stamped out except for cases from hotel quaranteens, but now there’s a scare in the South Coast through sewage testing.

In my little world, in the heat, I watered Andy’s new native plants with a watering can. But the heat- a heat wave of 36 degrees, barely tolerable in Spring. But I sat before a blower (can do this now with the new solar power, and not put on the generator) and i edited, wrote new bits, read. I’m determined to get to the end of my novel manuscript, so i set aside today to do it. The heat wave stopped me in my tracks. At least I’m on page 170 and no holes I could drive a truck through. Not yet. Another 200 pages to go.

A thunderstorm tonight sent temperatures plummeting. I’m off to bed exhausted by fun at Dee’s departure, excessive heat and hard, hard thought.

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