Day 55

Written 13 May, 2020.

The video still uploading….61%…It seems to upload faster when i use the computer than when I’m sleeping and it is too. This has led to my “shaking” theory, that uploading doesn’t happen when the computer is untouched, but speeds up when it’s shaken by use. I observed this phenonemen during the previous uploading. I learned long ago in research for Leaning towards Infinity that if something happens once, it’s unremarkable, two times is interesting, and three times, well I think it deserves a theory.  So I’m spending the morning online reading research,shaking away, though GG and K chortle.

In my chat yesterday with A, my neighbour 8 houses away, I mentioned that Dy has no heating. She immediately thought of her old pot-belly stove in pieces on the track and he could have it, along with spare flues in their yard. I messaged him with this news.



We’ve just looked at it and he’ll collect it in his canoe. I’ve begun to worry about Dy when i’m sleepless, which is a lot of the night. A man facing death needs that pot belly stove. He’s worried about the flue, but we’ll help him install it. Today, he picked up his partner from Brooklyn, after a special hot  shower at last at the marina, and a social washing of his clothes in their laundromat. He brought her back in his tiny canoe with a 2 stroke motor. I worried that wouldn’t impress her, an hour’s journey through rough water in a tiny canoe with a sputtering 2 stroke. It was her first visit since he came. The pot belly inspection took a while, for it was suddenly busy here, several neighbours are up, and he found that when you walk along the track, everyone wants to sit on a rock in the sun and  catch you up on the story of their life. That’s  lovely, but not if your partner is waiting.

I’ll be in trouble he said. He corrected himself. More trouble.

Does she like what you’ve done? He’s slaved cutting back the lantana forest that hid the pink house, and burning off all day,every day.

She hoped the loo would flush..

Now I peer up the track. She’s gone home, left him. His house is dark, his lights are out.



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