Day 63

Written 20 May, 2020.


A sad dream: I woke at 4.30 and after tossing and turning, got up to work on my chapter, and on the way to picking up my computer, saw chicken on a plate for the magpie. I put it out on the rail, then forgot everything but my chapter.  K, up at 7, pointed out that the kookaburra was eating the chicken, and the magpie had missed out. Then I nodded off on the sofa, and woke to hear K crying out:

She’s here, she’s back.

I jumped up in joy, still dreaming.

She’s managed to get here?

The magpie! the magpie’s back.

I slumped back on the sofa. In my dream, you’d all become one person and flown here to Australia,  you, S from New York, you, S from North Hampton, you, R from New Mexico, you my dear friends, here now with me and safe. Safe, at the moment- but who knows?

I limped through the day.



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