Dad 232

Written 13 November, 2020.


The results 20 hours later. The app tells me 5 times :YOU ARE NEGATIVE


My dear friend L takes me out to afternoon tea to celebrate at The Empire in Rose Bay, with a swoon of a water view, no more beautiful than my bay, I whisper to myself, slightly resentful that there are other beautiful places in the world but my own. We chat over  a cup of tea and dips with gluten-free toast, she drives me home, I sleep.


I wake up before dinner time, and go down in the lift to see K, miserable to have been absent since I arrived. I’m just beginning to feel better. Just a 48 hour flu. She’s understanding.  Ester, her current favourite carer is there, sitting on the sofa, six months’ pregnant with what’s going to be a 5.5 kg baby- too big, her doctor has said. There’s always a lovely atmosphere around these two. K is going to miss her. They’ve come from the doctor and K needs a compounded antibiotic for her very bad strep infection. I’m eager to help and go up the hill to Priceline, they make it up on the spot, I deliver it and feel like a useful parent. I show her how to shake the suspension, how to measure the dose and I wash her hair so she remembers her mum is gentle. Tomorrow we’ll go back to our bay.  I’m worrying about the little native baby plants, and whether our soil is right for them,  whether they’ve survived our absence.

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