Day 101

Written 29 June, 2020

I woke up to pouring rain in the city, gurgling down the gutters uselessly and sheeting the street –  but no rain at Marra Marra where our tanks as always need filling!

Yesterday I put up another on the beach video on You Tube.We did it in one take because GG’s back was sore and he was cranky, but because this research means so much to me, it spills unstoppably out of my heart, like the rain. It reassures me that when I create, I’m not crazy, that creative people, in order to create, in fact have to spontaneously think along a different pathway where thought itself misbehaves.  My friend Rosalie who plays the piano and extemporises, says she can “feel the difference” when she extemporizes.


In the video, my speech impediment tangled my tongue twice, but It wasn’t worth doing another take. And I didn’t have K’s lovely high, fur lined boots. for she was in Sydney, then staying at Marg’s. but you’ll see the scenery, and why we have to keep going back to what Marg calls “that dreadful place”. So with apologies for the speech impediment and the worn boots, here it is:


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