Day 104

Written i July, 2020.



Marg’s second dog, little Millie: did Millie get her share?

But where is a haven? In Melbourne today, new corona cases are the highest in one day that they’ve been since the pandemic began- 73- so the Melbourne suburbs where they’ve from are going into lockdown from midnight tonight. It’s on every news broadcast, and we’re all worried for them, and what might happen all over the country, with 104 deaths to date.  But then we hear Trump in the US saying that they’re just “putting out the embers”  though 44,000 new cases a day were recorded yesterday, a new all-time daily high, and there’s been an increase of 80% in the last two weeks.  Fauci, the governor of New York, says if Trump doesn’t stop denying reality and take action, the US will get to 100,000 new cases a day. Already 125,000 people are dead by the virus there.”Denying reality does not defeat reality”.

It’s very disturbing, very distressing. Quite often i stop being busy, put down what I’m doing and weep for people I’ve never met, in countries I’ve never been to, like Brazil, which is the second most deadly nation, again because its leader denies the health experts. He makes it a “man issue”. Our concepts we’ve invented of what is a man and what is a woman, so absurdly puny compared to this giant that’s killing the world.

So while it’s much safer here, how long can that last? We’ve got a big moat around us, and so far, sensible leaders, but we can shut our borders for only so long. We’re all permeable.

Very sad about the chapter I wrote; before it’s published, research is always checked by two or  more fellow researchers. it’s called “peer-reviewing”. In an email, the first of the reviewers has written a long criticism, beginning with an observation that my chapter was, well, a dog’s breakfast. I gave up reading it. I’m not a proper researcher, just someone who loves reading about this. Oh, I did my doctorate on it, but I never did a course. I must roll with the punches.

Last night’s drama: I went down for the shopping in the dark- it’s dark now at 5.00pm – but when Gordon rang to say we needed eggs, they were the straw that broke this camel’s back. I couldn’t carry the shopping plus the eggs home because of the pinched nerve in my left arm, which started way back on March 21, when we ran away to the river, and i carried K’s heavy bag up our 40 steps- because it wouldn’t fit in the flying fox. I’ve been to the chiropractor twice but it’s still not behaving. Gordon was thawing out the household’s favourite pork chops but came to help me. I was angry he hadn’t driven me yesterday to my appointment at the chiropractors- we are advised against public transport at the moment- so we stopped on the footpath and had one of our rare fights – Gordon said he’d have happily driven me if I’d asked and got very shouty, while I maintained my dignity of course,  and when we got home,the pork chops were gone, just an empty plate, somewhat bloodied. Right at that moment, Marg had dressed up warmly to go to the shops for dog meat. “It’s not needed”, I said. Sasha must’ve eaten the chops. We raided the freezer and found enough to eat. But when Marg was out of hearing, I confided to Gordon my worry that Sasha hadn’t shared them with little Millie. he agreed. “Dogs aren’t altruistic”.  We laughed about it, and peace was restored. I feel very uncomfortable when we argue. My world depends on peace with him.

There’s a plan afoot to help K begin a new life. Jo, her NDIS carer in Brooklyn has experience in helping an autistic man up there to a new life. K has a soft spot for staying in nice hotels, unfortunately acquired in her childhood when I’d be sent to places as a writer in residence, always at superior hotels than the YMCA,and  i’d always take her. So Jo and we have come up with a plan that we take her overnight to a pleasant waterside hotel in Woy Woy, 20 minutes away from Brooklyn- for there are no nice hotels in Brooklyn -and she and Jo have a planning session. We’ll all go, and treat it as a holiday. K has agreed, so I’m booking a family room for next week, and hoping.


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