Day 112

Written July 9, 2020.



In the US, there are 130,000 dead of the virus, and 3 million cases. Trump says they’re in a “good place” but the rest of the world wouldn’t agree.. He says 99% of sick people recover, but the experts say 96% it sounds a small difference but…. Trump appeared in public in a mask! Conceding this is considered a breakthrough.




Today I worked on my chapter. It was refereed by two academics, one of them a chance selection by the editor but she turned out to be my pin-up neuroscientist, Liane Gabor – I’m always quoting her in my on the beach videos. I teach her thoughts to my NIDA class because she, more than anyone else, actually explains what your brain does during creativity. It’s of burning interest to me and my students, and anyone who wants to know how to enhance their creativity. So research is “peer-reviewed”, which means a peer, in this case far from a peer but a superior, is always asked to examine it. In a dark year, my hero has given my chapter a glowing report- “insightful, original”.

At dusk, I sent it off to the editor with the feeling that I’d done a good day’s work.

M friend R, Marg’s daughter,  popped in last night  with the capsicums and humous we’d left in Marg’s fridge and told me that in the morning after we left, Marg had felt so bad that she was about to ring the ambulance to go to hospital. A cup of tea and a nap brightened her up. R thought it might be the shock of our leaving. So I rang old Marg in a break and was delighted she answered the phone. It’s rare she hears it. We chatted.  She told me of the big event of her day- coming across not one but two double yolks in the two eggs she cooked for J’s breakfast- he’d slept all day and was having his breakfast at 4pm. She hadn’t turned to him in the morning when she felt so  low- but she adores him and he can do  no wrong.

We are longing for the river. I miss it like a lover. How I long for it. but what to do about K, who’s doing so well in the city apartment with her carer Eseta now visiting four times a week – four times, when she would only allow once a week in January? The two go out twice a week- only shopping, it’s true, but out at least a amongst people, and chatting and giggling. I think Eseta is genuinely fond of her, though she’s being paid to be her friend. If K goes to the river with us, she’ll live as a hermit and won’t go out beyond the deck!

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