Day 115

Written 15 July, 2020



Another day of dithering- do we bring K up, or let her stay? She’s dithering too. Should she stay or should she go?

Dithering takes up a lot of the day, Every news broadcast. 34 cases linked to the Casula Hotel. This number doesn’t change. I find time to rake the beach to confuse the crabs. Dy visits and says it’s like breaking a spider’s web 3 times. They go and build a web somewhere else. 

I read the neuroscience of creativity. I worry that the course might not happen.

Why not? asks GG.

Other courses were cancelled. And NSW is sacking 500 academics.

I read in preparation for the course but all the time my mind”s like a fridge humming:

Should she come or should she stay there?

At night, I find an email: one thing is settled: the course is to happen.

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