Day 123

Written 23 July, 2020

A friend said: Isn’t that just like Australia? The envy of the world in eliminating the virus then it shoots itself in the foot!


In Victoria, a second wave, begun by socialising – perhaps a cigarette lighter – perhaps sex – is this a vicious urban myth? between a security guard and a quarantined traveller. The security guard when home, not to just one person, but a huge extended family, and one of the family spread it to an abattoir, where the workers work side-by -side. Meanwhile it’s coming closer to us in Darlinghurst in NSW – Casula – it can’t happen here– Liverpool – still a long way off – Bateman’s Bay- can this fiend go anywhere? So we must flee again. Back to the beautiful safe, demanding rive lifer, gripped now in icy winter. The question: when? K says we must leave today but she can’t possibly leave before 2. A very low tide, a point 4 at 4pm. When I came here i didn’t know how many tides there are in a day. I guessed one tide. Now I know the tides by their decimal points. We can just get in on a point 5. The water will be at the second last post.But a  point 4- no. We’ll have barely set sail from Brooklyn by 3, and with an hour’s boat trip, we get there when the low is at its lowest. We can’t flee today. Even though the virus is in Paddington, the next suburb.

Tomorrow, the low tide is 45 minutes later. And K, listening in terror to every news broadcast, swears she’ll try her hardest to be ready at midday.

Meanwhile , we shop: our neighbour has installed plastic blinds at the front of his house and says he’s as warm as toast inside. We decide to copy. GG drives to Bunnings in Alexandria for them, i walk into Optus  in the city for a dongle so I can teach ANU from the river, Kitty culls her picking so she’s travelling light, K version.

And we Aldi shop, which we usually do on the way. Nothing will stop us now. We’ll be there before the low, by 4pm.


The mud flats at low tide

Then we sleep fitfully, poised ready to flee. My friend R wants to come with us.I long to take her on a holiday. She works a full-me job at work, and a second full-tome job looking after Marg. But Marg is on a rare holiday with one of R’s brothers in Coffs harbour, so R is free. But will she come? Or will duty to clean up Marg’s house keep her in the city? She is so kind. But being here would do her so much good- as it does me.


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