Day 128

Written 28th July, 2020


The power crashed. This place is like intransigent but beautiful child. You adore it, but is it just too hard?



No working batteries till some time in August, the earliest Solar Simon can bring them. We  could  pick them up from Gosford straight away but bring 60 Kg batteries up the cliff? Too big for the flying fox. Impossible.  We must limp along batteries that break down half-way through the night- 2 am, 4 am. Gg often says

We can’t wake everyone.

He’s right. But what will happen to the food? Always my worry, will there be enough to eat?

I remember my neighbour T saying:

Let’s make the bay a generator-free zone.

And she’s right, it should be. The batteries should work, the solar power should work.

A friend rings just at the wrong moment. She wants to leave the city and live sustainably.

I want to shout:

It’s too hard.

But then I remember Melbourne. All living is hard.



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