Day 156

26 August, 2020.


From the city: Today, my doctor, Doctor Danny Hameiri, told me that only two of his patients have come down with the virus. He puts everyone on daily supplements- Vit D3, Kyolic acid, astragalus, lactoferrin enhanced, melatonin, two Vit B12 injections a week, and if a runny nose, sofradex drops. Only two patients have caught it, both recovered within days, and one was “high risk” – old, diabetic, overweight and with cancer. Those two went on daily Vit B 12 injections, and got over it in five days or so. “I don’t know what this palaver is all about,” he said. We’ve been too cowardly to do the two injections a week. Not any more.

Dy messaged from his Pink House, with a kind offer to split our newly lopped logs, so we can burn them with more seasoned wood when the pot belly’s really roaring. He also offered to sharpen our old chain. He awes me with his kindness. But when he went to his clinic, his specialist was too busy with the virus to make time to see him.

And an offer from the Berowra Fire Service, Dave Macmonnies, to help us get our fire trail in order. What a wonderful relief! But everyone in the bay has  to sign saying we want this done, because of  a new regulation – what a crazy regulation, after last summer’s  inferno!

So homesick, at night I wake dreaming of the bay, get up and, listening for wallabies pulling up grass and looking  for the moon on the water, I walk into the wardrobe.


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Australian National Geographic.

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