Day 192

Written 2 October, 2020.


I always write this at night. Sometimes I start during the day, but I find I need the reflective mood that comes when I’m alone, in darkness and quietness. And this is the first night since my stent that i’ve had enough energy at night. I’ve turned the corner, and slowly I coming back to myself.


Today, President Trump made world headlines. 3 weeks before the US election, 3 days after a debacle of a televised debate, and after months and months of denying the seriousness of the virus,  he’s caught it, and so has his wife. He’s spoken lightly of the deaths of 204,000 Americans, (I suspect, like wounded or fallen soldiers, he considers them “losers”), he’s ridiculed wearing a mask, yet now we hear that in the White house, everyone near him has always been masked.

Normal Swann,of the Coronacast podcast, fount of all wisdom about the virus, gave Trump’s chances of dying:

His age, at 74, gives him , depending on his other “morbidities”, 4-6% or 12-14 % chance of dying

His obesity gives him a 50 % chance of dying.


Meanwhile, i’m worrying. Today I have a wheeze. Yesterday, we came down from the river to go to an outdoors party and though I wore my mask there, after a while, I took it off . The incidence in NSW now is very low, it seems. There have been 5 days with no new infections. But did that give me false confidence? I was very low i  energy. At the party, there were mainly older people,(my age or thereabouts)  and no one else was masked. It’s hard enough to do party chat, and so hard to do party chat behind a mask.

Now I’m wishing I’d kept it on. But i often wheeze, so maybe it’s nothing. Everyone reading this must have had these moments all year. Is this the  virus, or have a just got a sniffle? Is this the virus, or am I just wheezing? Time will tell. I’ll see tomorrow.

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