Day 196

Written 7 October, 2020.

Last night as i walked on the track back to home, J  and S leant over their balcony and mentioned that our neighbour at the up-creek end, C, was getting rid of his old water tank, and it’d make a huge garden pot. Would I like it?


I have a small one from Aldi, and  S said he’d missed out- would I sell it to him? I had plans for it on our pontoon, along with the still unfinished power plant, and need a bit of time to think….

Today, J rang and said C had brought the half water tank as far as her place….so I ran down and told C and his friend that I needed it all the way up the cliff!  no sooner said than done,  graciously and without very much puffing – and now – there it is. C was glad to dispose of it so easily. He’s a professional gardener and said with all the trees lopped down and now in full sun, it’s in a great spot for fruit trees. Or I could plant peas to start with, to give the soil nitrogen. I gulp in all his advice. First, I must throw in logs so I won’t need much soil Now, I’m dreaming of an orchard….

And I think S should have the Aldi one.

We spoke in the open, and without masks. Oh, I hope this is wise.



I’m weeding the veggie garden and the entire garden, I banish one sort of weed, and another takes over. This time, masses of high grasses everywhere, waving in the breeze like wheat.

You going to grind that for bread? quipped Dy, walking past with Trippy.


oday, in the US, Trump came back from hospital, ripped off his mask, and implied he’d  taken one for the American people.

Don’t let it dominate you, he told his people, ignoring their 209,000 deaths. He sounded euphoric.

Norman on Coronacast said that he was on dexamethasone, which often makes people euphoric.


Sampling a home-grown lemon.


Deciding to try it out on those back home.

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