Day 267

December 17,  2020.


A day watching the numbers of infections grow. It’s stable  at 17, mainly around the Northern beaches. Tomorrow we go back to the city, to get ready to fly on Wednesday to Melbourne for Christmas with GG’s sister, his niece and her family. They’ve become as precious as my birth family. More, in a way, because they’re loving to each other.

Today, painting the chairs and table with what’s at least undercoat white. I want a jollier colour but at least this is a start. It’s much better than the doleful black a friend surprised us with. Very difficult when I friend has laboured over something you hate. They may stay undercoat white for a while. so I put on a second coat. And I put down newspaper and mulch – which I ran out of so I used soil as well- (I haven’t a clue what I’m doing ) in the front garden, in the hope I can turn it into a bush garden. As I read that native flora are becoming extinct, it’d be mad not to use natives, with the National Park right behind.

Today such a low tide, as GG said,

No one’s going anywhere for a while.


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