Day 297

Written 25 January, 2021.



Today, in a world where in the US, Biden warns US death toll will pass 600,000 before the vaccine can begin to curb i because Trump denied covid and made denying it fashionable and in a true every man for himself individualism installed no life-protecting policies or government infrastructure like the UK’s NHS, and where in the UK where the death toll is now at 100,000 despite the NHS, and in Mexico where a covid-denying Prime Minister has allowed the death toll to rise to 193, 000, Australian authorities approved the Pfizer vaccine.



The roll out will begin in February and will target the most vulnerable, though of course everyone is vulnerable.In Australia, there is seen to be no hurry to do the rollout. No new community cases in NSW for now 9 days, in the entire country for 8 days. We’re lucky we’re an island, distant from Europe and the US though not from Asia, and somehow despite many loud voices screaming about the economy, our governments eventually but in reasonable time heard what we the people needed, realised that there were vast votes in protecting us all from  death.

This last has been a year where Margaret Thatcher’s There is no such thing as society; there’s just an economy has shown itself not only cruel, but wrong. We depend on each other. Was she so ill-informed she didn’t know that historically  we weak, slow, short humans only survived as a species because we reached out to each other and created societies? As a woman, a member of The Threshold Choir  on Kim’s weekend sang:

We are just walking each other home. 

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