Day 311

Written February 6, 2021.


Yesterday marks the death of the first person to die in America from coronavirus, which has now killed there 4560,000. Here, our first death was three weeks later, on March 1, of a man who’d been on a cruise ship, the Diamond Princess. Australian death numbers have now stabilised, more or less, at 909, with the most deaths in Victoria – 820 – from the dreadful quarantine outbreak last year which Daniel Andrews managed by shutting down the state for 3 months, to the ire and shouting of the federal government. Days and days of searing public abuse to them both. Red-faced, self-righteous politicians fulminating that the security should’ve been done by the army, not over-sexed security guards.


An outbreak in a quarantine hotel last week in Victoria perhaps explains that outbreak, which had previously been put down to the security guard’s misbehaviour – sleeping with a traveller! then going home and spreading it amongst his extended family!


This week’s outbreak couldn’t possibly have happened unless the virus was airborne – which we didn’t know  could happen then, and which WHO misled everyone one –  where in Melbourne at the Hyatt, a family of five quarantining inside  a room opened the door for a food delivery at the very same time as the unprotected security guard was nearby, who caught it.  Even if an army guard had been nearby, he’d have caught it.

There have been many airborne deniers, particularly in the NSW liberal party, where Gladys as a result has been very slowt to mandate masks, and even now only mandates them on pubic transport. Surely last week they’ve proves them wrong.

Ans surely a public apology is due to the maligned security guard, and to Daniel Andrews who was smeared by implication. it was almost as if he’d done the sleeping with!

No local cases in NSW now for 22 days.

Yesterday, we came back to stay on the river. Such a relief to be here, though not because of escaping the virus. Just the beauty, and friendliness. GG’s back kept us in Sydney but now, even though he’s no better, he says it’s better to drag himself around here. Dee greeted us with Tripi, carried up bags, and they stayed for a cuppa.

The river feels like home, even though tomorrow I must travel back to the city to teach at NIDA. I’ll be busting to be back late Wednesday, time and tide willing.





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