Day 336

Written March 3, 2021.



I hope this plays for you! Dolly Parton sings people into getting the vaccine. She put AU$1,000,000 towards the Moderna vaccine.


I”ve been back to the river for 3 days, but the first day was a heatwave that left me gasping. Our little house on the cliffside baked. It shouldn’t have been so bad, 33 degrees only _ I must be getting soft. I longed to dunk in the river but the tide was too far out. A lot of mud to sin k into before that drunk, and worse, after it….



A solar powered air conditioner is coming,  bit by bit. You might remember back in June, day 93, we moved a useless old pontoon for panels that would get the sun most of the day. Back then, it was to be a communal power station. Since then, everyone’s lopped trees and found they have enough power.

So it’s our personal power station, till others need it. Dee’s the genius behind it. He’s installed wiring that runs in an orange pipe under the jetty all the way to the front garden, up the rock face and into the main house. He was horrified at the tangle of wires that’s been our solar power electricity system for 20 years, invented by a series of handymen. He found to his horror that all this time, we’ve never had a safety circuit breaker!


Now we’re waiting on an angel called Emanuel  to visit and blow his breath on it. This may look like any old air con but there’s much genius and hard work behind it, apart from what was done by its inventors and manufacturers:


Soon the sun will keep us cool in summer and warm in winter when the fires go out or the wood heap runs low. As for now, a storm’s brewing:

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