Day 93


Written 21 June, 2020

Today if the sun and the wind co-operate is the laying the ground – the pontoon really – for  the mini communal solar power station. Both households are desperate. We both have solar power on our roofs, plenty of panels and good electronics (designed by local genius Solar Simon), but solar needs sun! Not trees hiding the sun! Our neighbours’  trees that have grown so tall, they’ve taken our power after 11.30AM.  The only full sun we’ve got is in the bay where there are no trees! Luckily, years ago, we  were given a spare, industrial sized pontoon currently and uselessly moored close to shore, out of the sun, and now is its time for community power.

The plan:


How it happened:

The huge, heavy pontoon was near the shore and had to be moved by boat towing and pushing.


I recorded this moment for our tales told in front of the fire,  though my part was small – I filmed and minded Trippy.

Now the pontoon is in place, DY will install an inverter, to change the DC current to AC (I got a history lesson from GG on how Edison planned to electricify New York by Direct Current, which loses strength over distance, but Westinghouse came up with the much better plan, to electrify New York by Alternating Current, which because of its alternations, retains its strength over long distances. Because of this story, I now find talk of electricity fascinating!

Our solar power doesn’t have to go a long distance- only down the jetty and to the pergola on the shore to the right- you might’ve glimpsed the GG-built and slightly wobbly pergola in photos- but because of the inverter, it will arrive at the pergola in 240 watts, where Dy will install a glorious and very loveable  switch that will connect by leads and pump electricity into both our houses. My inspiration was putting the pontoon out in the sun (easy), but DY’s is the work and ingenuity! (Brilliant). No more power crashes at 3 AM…and waiting through dawn for a respectable time to run noisy generator and save what’s in the freezer… and turn on a heater because the pot belly fire’s gone out … and switch on lights… and turn on hot water….and keep the interest going.  What joy.


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