Learning fast

We now have a name – The Royalties. I’ve tried it on a few people, and they’ve laughed at its cheekiness.

But to become a dignified royal, I must become e competent, fast. Who can explain this arcane knowledge to me in words I can follow?

I’m used to researching, and ring around bothering people- though everyone seems intrigued and supportive, which comforts me because I’m guilty about being so slack as not to have learned about e publishing already. I often feel guilt when I haven’t got around to learning things. It must’ve cut very deep in me, somewhere in my forgotten school days, when I didn’t learn what I was supposed to learn for homework! Anyway,  I soon stumble on one of Australia’s e publishing experts, Kate Eltham, connected with the Queensland Writers Centre. I shyly ring and ask if she’d fly to speak to our group (in Sydney), only to hear that she’s going to be in Sydney soon to speak about e publishing on the very popular “Last Tuesday Book Club”. She’ll make time for us. I’m thrilled and very grateful.

We sit in my office over cups of tea and biscuits and record her as all afternoon, she gives us an overview of where e publishing is up to. I find myself writing down acronyms I’d never heard of, and like a child, constantly asking her to repeat that name and that name and that name- how had I dared say I was going to do this e publishing, without being seeped in this?

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