When looks matter

Many authors had criticised the lack-lustre “look” of our public site. The site and its looks had been “given” to us. We accepted such an amazing gift with utter gratitude  –  how else were we to obtain a website but by an extremely generous gift? We’re authors, and financilaly we live as authors. Ahead was the work to get the site up and going- I’ve documented those wrestles in this chronicle, falling silent in the months when there were 40 zillion pressing problems too tedious to tell- all to do with functionality, or imcomprehensibility . (Our generous benefactors spoke English as a second language, or maybe even a third or fourth, and English was the only language we shared with them) But after 3 year struggle , we finally got those sorted. At last in November there was  time to notice the look of our site. Oh, dear. And then we read what we’d written way back in 2012 to welcome authors to the site and we saw it reflected our earlier selves, when we’d scarcely believed that we could reach out to our fellow authors like this. The bits I’d written were especially full of exclamations as if I was yelling my astonishment to be able to reach out like this- this chronicle reflects truthfully  what a luddite I’d been.

So in December 2014, Bem and Jan – the designer in our tiny group who’d never had a proper go at the site –  went off to India and worked with MPS.

Now we’re getting all the books on display entered with all the necessary information for readers to know what they’re buying, how to buy them,how to access them. When that’s done, and after a few more tests, we’ll be talking about a launch date.


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