A Festival of Ideas

We’re counting down the days now.

Rosemary Sorensen, who’s organizing the 2014 Bendigo Writers’ Festival, says that Wuthering Ink will be like a Festival of Ideas. The Wuthering Ink Festival has been a long time coming, for a long journey ago  it was just a pale hope in a white hotel room turned sick bay in Athens way back in January 2011. Back then I had a new manuscript I was eager to turn into an e book, but I didn’t trust the big commercial digitizers and I couldn’t even understand their instructions. I had two thoughts: the first was that I was very silly not to be able to understand all this. What had I been doing? Hadn’t I been concentrating? How had i passed it by? Then the second thought came: I’m not Robinson Crusoe alone on this little island. There might, just might be other authors like me.

So if you’re an author wanting to digitize your backlist – or your new manuscript – but you’re thinking it’s too hard, if you’re feeling silly because you should know how to do it but you don’t, if you’re wishing there was a co-op of fellow authors somewhere who would help –

Join our Festival.



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