Really, truly almost

So…many months later… we’re live, but not perfect. Well, who is? But we’ve begun in a tiny way with a  little family of very patient, well-known authors- and who learns patience with publishing better than authors! – their books have pretty covers – some generic covers, designed by Jan in reference to the original, very dignified Penguins – they’re readable – proofed  to perfection by our expert proof-readers – they’re are up and for sale for just a few dollars, and for our authors we’re putting the finishing touches to an automated author form – our first attempts frightened away many authors, but version six is looking pretty good. I had no idea an inter-active website was so-o-o-o hard! And took so long! Almost as long as writing a novel!

We’ve begun a facebook page- please, go and like us. In fact, go and adore us. Please.  And we’re about to start tweeting.

Way back in Athens so long ago, all I wanted to do was to find out how to e publish me, someone who loved writing novels but could only email and barely google. And, (I admit this with some shame), who’d luxuriated in publishers looking after me. Then I thought, Maybe there are other authors like me who want to go on this adventure…

Now we’re talking about a date for the launch party of our very interactive website, we think the first author-designed, author-run website for established authors.

Now we’re talk ing of when.



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