An astonishing reply

We’ve had an astonishing reply. It’s too astounding to tell at the moment. But the portal may actually happen, built by a very experienced, very professional company overseas.

We realize that we need other authors with forbearing and patience to trial this portal, if and when it happens. We decide to advertise to find them in the monthly Newsletter of the Australian Society of Authors. After many drafts emailed between us, we come up with:

We’re looking for expressions of interest

We’re in the process of creating an author’s portal for digitising, e-publishing and networking: an access point for authors and readers to meet, do business, converse…

It’s an opportunity to join the digital revolution on authors’ terms. We’re not asking for your rights – you’re free to sell your work on any other website. But with our industry partners we plan to offer:

Book digitising: conversion services for your backlist so your books never go out of print.

Distribution: international availability through far-reaching distribution networks.

Promotion: the potential for viral publicity campaigns that link with over 100 social media sites, plus the ability to connect directly with your buyers and reading groups – all online. No need for big marketing budgets.

Networking: Join an active conversation with writers and readers worldwide. Manage reader comments yourself, delete comments you don’t want. Only authors would think of this.

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