The portal builders

Many authors replied! -some offering to help us because they can see that this is a worthy thing to do for Australian literature, its authors and its readers.

And- now I can tell all- a huge e publishing group in India is offering to our rescue, to build our portal, at no cost to us, and only modest costs to our authors!

We’ve already spoken on the phone three times. Today they made a time to Skype us, using a phone that links their offices throughout India. We arrange to gather at Libby’s house. We don’t check to see if her phone is a speaker phone, and when the phone rings and we discover our omission, we can’t bear to tell them, with their very professional hook up across the vast terrain of India,  that our four heads were crowded around one little phone! Bem, who’s still the most e literate amongst us, is the head nearest the phone and takes notes which she reads out to me afterwards and then she types them up for us all.

We’re to meet them- our portal builders – in India- soon, to tell them exactly what we’ve envisaged through these long months, what we think the ideal portal for Australian authors should be.

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  1. I feel a little like I’ve come into a sci fi trilogy at volume two.

    So I write in trust- wishing that all good things come from these exertions in such a noble cause.

    what a wonderful mix- portals and speakerless phones

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