Day 287

Written January 7, 2021.


A day like no other. Terror. Horror. Unable to believe what we were seeing. Shocking. Even the over-used unprecedented. We’d half expected a conflagration, we’d been waiting for Jan 6, when there was to be an official, usually unnoticed ceremony when the states all formally submit their electoral college numbers, and certify who won the election. But today, it wasn’t a formal ceremony. In fact, there was almost no ceremony at all. Because Trump doesn’t want it certified that he lost.


On our little TV set in our upper house, movie-like images of maddened armed people in combat gear or cult gear carrying weapons rioted in the US Capital, storming into the White House, the house of the people, overwhelming the few police who’d been put there, swarming up the grand staircase, desecrating the office of Nancy Pelosi the leader of the Democrats with their poo. They entertained a vision by their violence of overturning the election results, which Trump had insisted had been stolen from him  though 59 court cases refuted it. Can he reply believe it? Is he deranged? Stop the Steal many signs said, I think his words. He’d held a rally earlier in the day and promised he’d go with them-” go there, go wild”, and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani had spoken of “armed combat”.  Neither Truump nor Guiliani went, and Trump later disowned them. The White House had been expecting something, even over here in the other side of the world we’d been expecting them (I’m a Guardian reader and the Guardian has predicted it) but only four frightened police officers were there and a roiling mob of tens of thousands turned up.


We were in the upper house, on our feet unable to tear ourselves away from the TV.  Was this really happening in America, the pinnacle of democracy, the country that through our lifetimes have waged war in the name of democracy, to force other countries to accept it for their own good, had overthrown rulers for the sake of democracy, perhaps had even influenced us here, had called itself until our ears were numb the greatest democracy in the world? And now, where was this democracy? What was it worth?


Poor K, herself maddened with poor sleep,  couldn’t cope with seeing the world turn upside down As windows were smashed,  a huge cross raised, a gallows erected with a noose, a poor officer all alone walking backwards up the grand staircase, trying to keep a mob from following him  and lynching Biden, and assassinating others,  she had a meltdown. I went into shock with K’s meltdown- she hasn’t had one for 14 years, and spent half the day shivering and sleeping.

And all the time Trump has ignored in the the now 380,000 people who have died  from the virus, for this is a deadly disease that demands a public response-individuals can’t act on their own. And here, we’re worrying about 4 daily new cases amongst about 7.5 million of us in little NSW.

But there’s a greater terror – that Trump with his finger on the nuclear codes till Jan 20, may start a nuclear war- in revenge.


2 Responses to Day 287

  1. I feel the same way. I feel like something else is brewing. The sacking of the Capitol was terrifying. Trump was impeached yesterday and I am afraid he will make more heinous speeches. He will cause more grief.

    • Thank you for saying that- and yes. I wait every day. Today Guiliani and Trump have severed- it turns out Trump had promised him $US 20,000 a day for all those spurious arguments Guiliani was coming up with.That’s why he’s been so inventive, even with his hair dye running down his face! I’d been thinking- how is it possible a lawyer can argue this nonsense? And now Trump’s refusing to pay him. But this isn’t only the falling away of his support, it means that Trump has been egged on by these parasites who had so much to gain by his incredulity, his poor hold on reality, his, let’s face it, lack of smarts. Being isolated, he may not dare to exercise the nuclear codes…or might he think the other way?

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