Day 286

Written January 14, 2021.


Much discussion about the vaccine that’s being rolled out here, now earlier than predicted, in February. Does it stop infection or “just death”, and if it isn’t good enough to induce herd immunity, should it be halted?

None of us want to die an unnecessary death, you dolts. Just give us the jab.

I was distracted all day, and because our funds are scarily low, I had to apply for a full time job teaching at  a University, hoping they’ll want my research on creativity, hoping they won’t l laugh at it, having to remember for the long long CV all the things I’ve written in my life, fiction and scholarly, blushing at nearly all of them – am I going to feel like this on my death-bed? – and then the nerve-wracking hours trying to upload the documents: the cv, the arguments of why the University needs me rather than someone else.  it won’t upload. It’s not going to. K and G try to help. There’s no help.

After sweltering all day, beavering away our flimsy little house, our house uninsulated in two walls out of four,  almost on fire with heat, my sweat pouring down my back, fearing it would drip into my computer, the documents upload. I  go out and flop on my blue chair on the deck, push my little white Christmas present table into the right place, and gulp a strong gin and tonic. Oh for the days when the worry was getting a letter into the letterbox in time. Then as I gazed at the sea, the sky, the world suddenly became like this and I remembered how much I adore summer, after all:



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